Tips for Parenting Preschoolers through Separation or Divorce

Preschoolers (3-5 years) most often react to their parents’ breakup with fear and guilt. They are confused.Young children are not able to understand what is going on and why. They think that if dad can leavetheir life, mom can too. They may think that if parents can stop loving each other, they can also stop loving the children. Young children often worry about who will take care of them. They worry if therewillbe enough food or money, about a houseto live in, and so on. Even babies in the firstsix months of life react with fear and stress when parents show anger. There really is no age where children are not upset by stress in a bad relationship.

Parents will often see children go back to earlier behaviors as they attempt to cope with their fears.For example, childrenmay:
•    Want asecurityblanket they had previously given up.

•    Have problems using the toilet after they have been toilet trained.

•    Cry, cling, or disobey.

•    Have night fears or fears at separation.Separation fear can also happen with babysitters or at preschool.

•    Imagine strange thingsabout why one parentis gone.

•    Have problems at play and they may fightmore.

•    Think they caused the breakup. They may think dad or mom would not have left if they hadbehaved better.

•    Hide their own feelings if a parent is very upset, afraid that they will upset the parent.

Advice for Effective Parenting

•    Tell young children clearly and often that their parents will take care of them, and that mom and dad both still love them.

•    Tell them they are still a family,no matter where each family member lives.

•    Explain in a simple waywhy the breakuphappened. If possible, this should be done before it happens.

•    Help the children know that the problems are between mom and dad, and that the breakup is not their fault.

•    Give children a chance to talk about their fears. Each parent should frequently set aside time to talk to the children about how they feel.

•    If possible, don’t lie or provide false hope – when children find out the truth, it can damage trust between parent and children.

•    Both parents should spend lots of time with their children.

•    Avoid conflict in front of the children. Young children will listen to their parents’ arguing and may think that they are to blame.

•    When violence has occurred, the safety of the childrenmust be ensured. A previously violent parent can help repair the harm by setting a good example of anger control. Showing respect for the other parent can undo the damage to children who have seen violence.

Guide for Contact Frequency

•    For children under three years of age, one-week of being away is too long. Their sense of time is much longer than that of older children.

•    Ideally, infants should have contact with both parents every day. But it can be very difficult for children to spend a lot of time with a parent they are not bonded to. In that case, briefer contacts are best. These contacts can be made longer as the bonding between the parent and children grows, and as the children grow older.

Tips for Parenting Infants Through Separation or Divorce

Tips for Parenting 6-9 year olds through Separation or Divorce

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Managing Challenging Behavior

Parents often blame each other for children’s challenging behavior – thinking that a child is reacting to something the other parent is not doing or is doing wrong. This assumption can make conflict between parents worse. But a child’s reactions may not be the fault of the other parent. Children’s behavior is often an effort to have some control over their world. For most children, transitions get easier over time.

Parents often need to adjust their own reactions when they clash with their children’s responses to them or the situation. For example, taking deep breaths, pausing before reacting, and using other skills taught through programs likeChildren in Betweencourse (e.g., reframing, self-talk, etc.) can be helpful to reduce arguments or worsening of the child’s reactions.

For a printable and easy to use checklist for infants and tips on how to help: check out “Problem Checklist For Infants and Toddlers”

Managing Transitions

Helping children manage transitions to changing or new situations is important – through calming them, talking about skills they can use to help themselves (deep breathing, holding on to soothingobjects, etc.), and other tools. Further, it is important to remain patient as the child works out how he or she feels (rather than putting down their feelings – “quit your crying” or “get over it!”). Or for over-active children, seeking creative or high-energy activities for children to express or occupy themselves could be helpful. These parental tacticsare important, but may not be natural for parents. When parents become more aware of their own temperament as well as the children’s, they can be more effective.

It is the parents’ job to actively help with changes in children’s lives. Using communication skills and activities that consider the children’s general style will be most helpful. As children become school age and older, they learn how to better adapt their own styles to fit with the needs of a situation; but this will be most fruitfulif parents have helped them do so along the way.

Tips for Parenting Preschoolers Through Separation or Divorce

For further reading see Parents can take further training on how to reduce conflict and minimize damage to their children during a divorce through the Center for Divorce Education’s Children In Between program.

*Sources: Paraphrased from Kline and Deutsch (2014), which was adapted from Alicia Lieberman’s Flexible, Fearful or Feisty DVD, developed for the California Department of Education and WestEd (1990).

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How to find the best Divorce Class Texas for approval?

If you are divorcing from the spouse, look no further than the children in between organization to attend the parent class. In fact, it is bestowed with all the attributes that are required. For instance, online courses are conducted that help to lower the cost of training. People should always check whether court is accepting the certification of the company like they do in case of the children in between.
A high quality Divorce Class Texas imbibes impeccable content with real life situations. Single individuals are all at sea in managing kids when they are divorcing. It is important to avail the services of emotional stabilization courses so that they are able to enhance their relationship skills with reference to kids.

Video tutorials describing the problems that children face with single parents form integral parts of the educational program. They are backed by cases when children misbehave or get irritated due to mental stress as well as tension.

The content is available to the people at any time of the day. It is possible to take up the course depending on the personal preferences. You would learn about the financial issues that might crop up after divorce. Kids would have to be taken care off with single source of income making it harder for the parents to meet the expenses on their own. Divorce is a sensitive issue and life changing decision for people, therefore prior counseling would help the spouses to prepare for the worst and do not let the children fall into the abyss of depression.

Why online parenting course from Children in between is essential?

As far as the “children in between” organization is concerned, the company conducts Online Parenting Course for the people planning to divorce in the future. The course explains the repercussions that people have to bear while living apart. Children are bigger responsibilities that have to be handled deftly or else their whole life is spoiled.
Parenting Programs Online covers plethora of issues ranging from finances to child psychology. Even people who have never married can benefit from the course. It is available online and can be started round the clock. One of the most important benefits of the classes is that it helps the people to understand the delicate relationship between the parents and the kids. It goes a long way in enhancing the flow of communication and ensures that the kids are raised in an impeccable manner.

Video recording are included in the content to provide information on how to deal with the challenging situation in life. Internet is the best bet to get remote education because you do not have to face the hurdle of time and location.

Once the training program is completed, you can get the printed copy of the certification. The document holds tremendous weight in the court of law and has benefitted more than 50,000 families till date.

In order to enroll for the course, one needs to sign up by mentioning the state and the county to which you belong. In addition valid email and shipping address is required to get the hard copy of the content. People can also apply for the court approved fee waiver scheme to make training absolutely free of cost.

What should be the attributes of the Divorce classes?

You never wanted to file for divorce. No one does. However, some circumstances are such that it is better to be separated in the relationship, then be in it.

Yet again, when you have children you know the road will be far more tedious than you had thought. In order to aid you in this process, there is recommended for the parents to attend, Divorce class like the Divorce Class California.

But, how would you know, which is the best for you! With a plethora of classes online as well as in-person, it becomes difficult to come to conclusion to find something as helpful as the Divorce Class North Carolina.

Here are some attributes you should look for:-

    The class should be recognized by the court. This is imperative as many states require the petitioner to show the certificate of attending a divorce class.

    The class should be able to inculcate Effective Parenting Skills as required by the parents. It should be able to help them as well as their children in turn.

    The divorce class should be able to provide with the certificate the moment the course is complete. This will be of aid to you and your final proceedings.